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A set of 4 intensive tutorials introduces you to the Xero accounting system. Comprehensive exercises that guide you through an accounting cycle of a typical company, from chart of accounts set up to financial reports editing.
Eight hours of face-to-face teaching is accompanied by a detailed textbook and covers the main points of concern for small business owners, including:

- Xero set up procedures: chart of accounts, conversion balances, users roles assignment,
- Frequent transactions: cash receipts, cash payments, cash and credit sales, cash and credit purchases,
- Inventory items settings,
- Infrequent transactions: inventory returns, sundry charges, drawings of goods, inventory losses,
- Bank reconciliation hints and tricks,
- Financial reports and budgets.


A set of 4 intensive seminars introduces you to HR management.
After completing this course, you will understand:

- the different types of Working Arrangements and the importance of getting it right,
- how to establish an employee's right to work in New Zealand, and what is required of you as an employer,
- how to Identify employment documentation and its’ purpose,
- the mandatory requirements and components of an Employment Agreement,
- key Minimum Wage requirements,
- main ways employees are paid,
- lawful deductions you can make from your employees' pay,
- key things to know about your employee's Annual Leave/Holiday entitlements,
- key things to know about calculating holiday pay,
- the best way to prevent and resolve employment relationship problems,
- and even more.


Face-to-face seminars with professionals and advisers from diverse areas.

- Lawyer advise: Making a Will
- Lawyer advice: Prenuptial agreement
- Lawyer advice: Family trust

- Immigration advice: Preparation to accreditation

- Mortgage Broker advice: Buying a house

- Accountant advice: Supporting accounting documents
- Accountant advice: GST issues
- Accountant advice: Property investment: Commercial vs Personal
- Accountant advice: Depreciation
- Accountant advice: Self-employed DIY accounting
- Accountant advice: Financial reports
- Accountant advice: Budgeting
- Accountant advice: Provisional Tax
- Accountant advice: Accrual vs cash accounting (self employed)

- Accountant and HR advice: Payrolls

- HR advice: contractors vs employees
- HR advice: hiring personnel

- Introduction to ACC

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